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Things to know before implementing Dynamic Checkout


Dynamic checkout feature is available to merchants with latest theme versions on their eStore. You might need to update the theme to avail this feature. Those who do not want to update will need to edit theme code for implementing dynamic checkout.

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Display your customer's preferred payment method  Apple Pay, PayPal, Amazon Pay and more on product pages & featured product section.

An accelerated checkout experience which enables your customers to skip the cart page and go directly to checkout page.

Faster Checkout

Lesser steps to checkout means an enhanced user experience ultimately resulting in higher conversions.

Higher Conversions

What is Shopify Dynamic Feature?

Shopify Dynamic Checkout is one of the latest exciting updates from Shopify this year. Dynamic Checkout feature allows another CTA to be added along with the “Add to Cart” button on your Shopify store. The highlight of this extra button is, it allows shoppers to skip the cart page altogether and go directly to their preferred payment method hence minimizing the steps giving an enhanced user experience.


Third party apps used to modify cart such as currency converters, apps that take the customer to an external checkout or apps that interact with the cart might conflict with Dynamic checkout. 


Cart attributes such as terms and conditions checkbox, delivery date pickers & gift wrapping options will not work if Dynamic Checkout is enabled.




Yes, I want this feature on my eStore

Get a DIY handbook when you purchase this service with image and video tutorials if you wish to implement dynamic checkout feature by yourself. However, we are always available for any help you might need.

Branded & Unbranded buttons

Shopify will try and detect if the customer has set up Apple Pay, Amazon Pay or PayPal through his browser, device or has purchased before using one of them on your estore. It will display a branded button accordingly. If not it will display a generic "Buy Now" button. 

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Ready to Implement Dynamic Checkout on your Shopify Store?

Yes, I want this feature on my eStore

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Ready to Implement Dynamic Checkout on your Shopify Store?


1. Is this a paid service?

A. Yes, it is a paid service. We charge $39 for implementing Shopify Dynamic Checkout feature on your online store. You may place an order by clicking on the button "Yes, I want this feature on my eStore".

2. What if I am not comfortable sharing my admin details?

A. When you purchase this service at QeRetail you will also receive a DIY handbook with detailed information and steps for implementing this feature all by yourself. However, if you feel stuck anywhere we will be available for any technical support you need in implementing this feature successfully.

3. I am not using the latest theme, can I still implement this feature on my eStore?

A. Yes, you can implement this feature even if not updated to the latest theme. However, that will require some edits in your theme code. We can help you with the same. The procedure to edit code is also available in the handbook you receive after purchasing of this service if you want to do it on your own.

4. Will this feature affect any other functionalities of my eStore?

A. There are some limitations of Shopify Dynamic checkout which may conflict with certain apps or attributes you are using. Please feel free to contact us on email, call or text us on our WhatsApp number for any questions or queries.