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A handy template that can help you take the charge to become an SEO-friendly eCommerce Store!

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Template Takeaways

On-page SEO Checklist 

DIY Meta Tag Generator 

SEO Best Practices

Choose the finished, in process, and completed work via STATUS column!

Get all new, SEO compliant META DATA for your eCommerce store.

On-page SEO best practices explained to boost rankings on search engines!

Upon downloading the template, you will get access to:

An on-page SEO Checklist with the list of best practices for your eCommerce Store's Product and Category Pages.

A drop-down STATUS column (within the checklist) with options for the 'Pending', 'In Process', and 'Completed' optimization (SEO) work.

A do-it-yourself (DIY) excel template with self-generating 'Meta Data' provision. (Follow the instructions to get unique Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions for your product pages)

A character count column which helps you stay within the ideal measure showcased in Google SERPs.

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DIY On-page SEO Template

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